Jason Picinich - Owner


As a real estate investor for over 10 years, I have built lasting relationships with many reputable agents. Before I ever met any of them, my search for a home always began on the internet. Technology is making major strides to provide affordability when it comes to newer ways in marketing homes. This company was started to bring this technology to you.
My knowledge in real estate coupled with my love for photography / videography, I intend to create value for all my clients big or small. Here at 3D Homes and Drones we make buying and selling homes effortless.
Our Idea
We would like to put our clients ahead of the game when it comes to marketing their homes. With an ever growing pool of agents competing for listings, we intend to make your brand stand out from the crowd. 
Our Goal
1) Educate and inform the consumer.
2) Engage the consumer.
3) Create emotion.
4) Speed up or shorten the sales cycle.
5) Extend reach.
6) Build or reinforce an existing brand

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